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Well proven, simple and almost indestructible: The “W 401” waste/multi oil heater from Kroll


Experience gained over many decades makes the Kroll waste/multi oil heater reliable, cost effective and an environmentally friendly heating product.

In times of rising fuel costs, the pay back period for a Kroll waste/multi oil heater is very short. Utilizing your waste oil, you get an effective warm air heater with no fuel costs, and no fees to pay for the collection and disposal of your waste oil.

The Kroll W 401 and W 401-VL are particular suitable for heating car work-shops and garages, warehouses, etc.

The Units are easy to install and immediately ready for use.


The units feature
– Internal vaporising burner
– High/Low manual heat regulation
– Flame failure security thermostat
– Overflow security switch
– Self contained oil tank
– Manual Ignition
– Durable and safe powder coated casing

Type W 401-VL: Heater complete with high performance fan. The quiet running, high performance fan enables a quicker and more extensive warm air distribution.