K-FLEX INSULATION /  Sheet insulation K-FLEX H DUCT

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Elastomeric insulation 1500 mm in height, suitable for the insulation of components of air-conditioning and ventilation plants.

• Easy to install
• Cost effective
• Safety requirements

μ ≥ 3000
DIN 1988/7 Supervised
Formaldehyde Free
Class 1

K-FLEX H DUCT product typology:
K-FLEX H DUCT: Grey self-adhesive elastomeric sheet, without net.
Height: 1500 mm

K-FLEX H DUCT METAL: K-FLEX H DUCT SHEET finished with a metalized polyester film.
Height: 1500 mm

Thickness range: mm 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 15

ECONOMICAL: compliant and easy to handle, it comes in a height of 1500 mm to guarantee maximum functionality when applying on ducts.
PRATICAL: the self-adhesive surface has been made rougher to improve its grip on the sheets of the ducts.
CONVENIENT: being 1500 mm in height it reduces installation time keeping manufacturing costs of the insulated ducts at a minimum.
FLESSIBILE: its high elasticity helps to minimize vibration that occur with joints and suspensions.

K-FLEX H DUCT is supplied in practical packages clearly defining the
characteristics of the product.
L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX srl also offers the possibility of distribution on

                                                       TECHNICAL DATA


 Temperature range +116 °C
 Thermal conductivity λ W/(m•K) EN 12667 (DIN 52612)  -20 °C = 0,034
    0 °C = 0,036
+20 °C = 0,038
 Thermal conductivity λ W/(m•K) L10 EN 12667 (DIN 52612  +40 °C = 0,040 W/(m•K)
 Corrosion risk  DIN 1988/7; pH neutral
 Permeability μ EN 12086 (DIN 52615)  ≥ 3000
 Fire  Cl. 1 (I)