Gas Heat Pump /  25 HP Air Handling Unit Kit

 AHU-25HP-Brochure-BG.pdf   - 642.29 KB (??? ?? ??????????? 25?? - ???????_bg)

Direct Expansion 25 HP Air Handling Unit Kit

Nominal Cooling Capacity: 71KW
Nominal Heating Capacity: 80KW
Maximum Heating Capacity: 84KW
On?Off Fan Speed Control

What the kit includes
The Kit is made up by:
? Control Box: It includes the electronic boards to control the expansion valves and the AHU fan (with Fan Soft Starter Controller if required)
? n° 3 Electronic Expansion Valves
? n° 6 Strainers to protect the valves
? Copper Branches Set to joint the refrigerant components